Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Kit

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Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Kit

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You don't have to wait for the big moments in life before raising a glass. We think the small things should be celebrated too. Got engaged? Cheers! Did the laundry? Cheers! Girls Weekend? Cheers! Sunday-don't-feel-like-cooking-so-made-a-charcuterie-board? Cheers!

How to Use: 

Step 1: Fill cocktail infusion jar with the spirit of your choice and refrigerate.
Step 2:
 Let it infuse for 1-3 days and let magic happen! Strain and place liquid back in jar.
Step 3: 
Craft your cocktail using the recipe below or make up your own.

Suggested spirits: Vodka, rum or gin.

Getting Started: Add 1.5 oz of Raspberry Mimosa-infused spirit to an ice-cold champagne flute. Top with bubbly and garnish with a raspberry.

Contains: Raspberry, pineapple, oranges, hibiscus-infused sugar. Dry mix good for up to 1 year. Once infused, consume spirit within 30 days.

Makes 8+ servings
* Alcohol not included.

ps. for a mocktail version of this cocktail kit, fill the jar with hot water. Let it cool in the fridge overnight. Pour over ice and add your mix of choice.