Wooden Wick Pure Beeswax Candle "Veggie Garden"

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Wooden Wick Pure Beeswax Candle "Veggie Garden"

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8 oz candle. Veggie Garden scent is fresh and earthy with the sweet aroma of tender herbs.

Our candles are made with a 100% pure beeswax & coconut oil blend and a crackling wood wick. But the best part is they are hand-poured into recycled jars to continue our efforts in minimizing our eco-footprint! 

• Beeswax is the best source of wax you can burn - it is natural and renewable.

• Beeswax candles naturally burn slower, brighter and cleaner than soy or parrafin candles.

• Those who suffer from allergies, asthma or headaches often love beeswax candles for their ionic properties.

• When lit, beeswax releases negative ions into the air. When these negative ions attach to positively-charged particles like dust, allergens, bacteria and other pollutants, they neutralize the pollutant and fall to the floor.