EuroStar Old Rail Coffee

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EuroStar Old Rail Coffee

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Rejuvenate your mornings and uplift your day with a delectable cup of our EuroStar coffee.

This darker roast of select South and Central American Arabica bean exhibits a rich full body with a heady aroma and zesty flavour with just a hint of acidity.

Indulge yourself with the blackberry flavour having undertones of caramel to entice your taste buds. The EuroStar provides a pleasant experience with its full-bodied flavour and mild acidic tone.

Key Features

• Balanced flavour with scrumptious blackberry and caramel (note that any of the flavours mentioned are natural undertones, the coffee is not flavoured) 

• Lively tanginess with mild acidity for a perfect caffeinated experience

• Highly aromatic full-bodied ideal for coffee enthusiasts - Roast Scale 3/5

• Premium quality 100% Arabica fresh Brazilian whole bean.