Canadian Hot Stone Grill (charcoal)
Canadian Hot Stone Grill (charcoal)

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Canadian Hot Stone Grill (charcoal)

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Gather your family and friends around your new outdoor meal tradition! Meet the Georgian Bay Grills Canadian Hot Stone, tabletop charcoal grill! Completely self‑contained with a charcoal burning engine at its core and a cast‑iron hot stone grill so you and your friends can sit around it to grill all your favourites, right at the table! This unique grill can be used with skewers (sold separately) for a fondue or Korean BBQ feel or place your favourite items right on top!

There is also a generous area below the grill surface to bake other items at the same time such as potatoes, corn, etc.! Using any small amount of lump charcoal, and a lighting block or gel, your Canadian Hot Stone grill will light and heat up very quickly with the self‑contained, small battery or USB‑powered fan in the base.

All‑metal body and liner construction, dishwasher safe and ruggedly built, the Georgian Bay Grills Canadian Hot Stone BBQ will give you years of reliable fun and good eats!