Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) Old Rail Coffee

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Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) Old Rail Coffee

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Kick start your mornings and rejuvenate your day with a delectable cup of our Belmond Grand (Mocha Java).

An exquisite blend of South, Central American, and African beans, which creates a harmonious cup with a rich body and acidity. This fine coffee blend is complemented by underlying chocolatey, nutty, and fruity tones.

Indulge yourself with this mocha java brew having hints of chocolate to entice your taste buds. 

Key Features

• Balanced flavour coffee with scrumptious Jack Fruit, Floral and Chocolaty experience. (Note that any of the flavours mentioned are natural undertones. The coffee is not flavoured) 

• Rich body with high acidity - Roast Scale 2/5 

• Premium quality 100 % Arabica Brazilian coffee bean 

• Proudly Roasted in Canada